Posted by : Jashae Slaughter Saturday, June 21, 2014

hi-ya gang! I'm very new to the VA world. I'm looking to make some friends via my new project.
I started working on a script for an audio-play right after college, but never took the time to finish it....until this week. This story is at least 5 years in the making, and I have most of the story arcs for the next 2 expansions.
The story is called "The Last Day: Origins", and it is the beginning of a much larger work about the goings on in a walled city during the last years of Earth. no one knows that the world will end, or even expects it. they are just living their lives.
The main drama revolves around a boy named Silace, who acquires strange new skills after a visit to a new Full-dive Virtual reality Arcade, and his buddy Steve who is kind of a genius. The creator of the Arcade Kison, finds himself in a desperate situation as he tries to recreate the image of his daughter, Allison. There are a few other characters who carry the plot as the stage is set in the post apocalyptic, totalitarian city.
the entire 5 episode script sets the pace, lines up the characters, and leads us up to the world's final adventure.
I am looking for VA's to cast the 4 main characters, and 2 main supporting characters.
Main Character:
Silace (self cast) here's the only voice acting I've ever really done. there are skit scattered across the whole album.
Steve - (Silace's Best friend) a nerdy, but cocky teen with an aggressive "take control" attitude, and a great since of humor
Kison - A stern and focused scientist turned maniacal after certain "tragedies" befall him (basically lex luthor, turned joker)
Allison - (may need to be Dual cast) Has the sweet side of an innocent young girl (6-10 years old) Think White Queen from Resident Evil

, or Tima from the Anime Metropolis

Allison2 - her other side speaks with all the aggression, sarcasm, anger, and vindictive qualities of an embittered 20-something Goth woman (Think Ginger from the werewolf movie, Gingersnaps)

Supporting Characters:
Bradley Jameson - Mr kison's Assistant. Strong, forceful, serious, and calm. (Think Owen Burnett from Gargoyles)
Uncle Scooter - Steve's jolly old uncle. talks like a kooky old man from the 50's
Anyone interested should contact me via email before the end of July so i can send you lines for audition. it would be nice to start production in August with the lines already finished. hopefully this series will attract the attention of some people who can invest into it, and We might be able to get a Superhero Anime series or something (fingers crossed)
Again my email is here.

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