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The Last Day: ORIGINS (Mini-Clips)

Monday, October 13, 2014
Posted by Jashae Slaughter
This is the entire "ORIGINS" series, in 1 convenient playlist.

The Last Day: ORIGINS (Episode 5)

Saturday, October 11, 2014
Posted by Jashae Slaughter

Today is the beginning of the end. The first of the last days. Today, is the day that heroes will be born, villains will be defined, the the stage will be set for the final game of thrones and kingdoms, minds and hearts. The choices that are made today, are the choices that will lead us into the beginning of an adventure, and the end of the world.
Featuring the Voices of:
Matyas Gombos (Narrator)
John Newberg (Abbadon Kison)
Jordan Scherer (Allison)
Joseph Karson (Steve)
Jashae Slaughter (Silace)
Joe Porter (Bradley Jameson)
Arkadiusz Wo┼║niak (Colonel Triumph)
Guest Voices:
Viva Becker (Nurse)
Jordan Scherer (Medic 1)
Kris Maverico (Medic 2)
Chris Guenther (Neo Soldier 1)
Robbie Friedman (Neo Soldier 2)
Cary Reese (Doctor, Neo Soldier 3)
Show & Marching Music
Boxcat Games

Audio Drama Survey Results 10-3-14

Friday, October 3, 2014
Posted by Jashae Slaughter
Here are the results of the survey I put out last week.  Unfortunately, I was only able to collect info from 14 participants, then the services wanted to hit me with (an unexpected) bill.  There's still enough data to give you all a small glimpse of our Audio Drama Community. 

If you're a producer of a show, or planning to produce a show, then this is a sampling of how audio drama consumers actually think and operate. Hopefully audio producers can use this data to plan out the best production for his show.

A few notes:
  • People are far more willing to explore longer shows than I anticipated.
  • Although people are using different sources for getting audio dramas, they still tend to download rather than stream, or simulcast.
  • People who use RSS are generally more open to longer shows than people who don't.
  • People who don't know what RSS is aren't as open to longer shows, but still like to explore.

Please list any services that you like to use that are NOT given in the options above.

Please list a few of your favorite Audio Drama Shows.

Hidden Harbor Mysteries
We're Alive
The Leviathan Chronicles
The Once and Future Nerd
The Table Round
Pendant Productions
The Monster Hunters
Thrilling Adventure Hour
Welcome to Night Vale
Our Fair City
Two Minute Danger Theater
Decoder ring theatre
Doctor Who's and Assistant
sonic society
radio drama revival
Tek Diff
Bell's in the Batfry
X minus 1
We're Alive
FETIDUS By James Durham
The Cleansed
Underwood and Finch
H.G. World
Brokensea Audio
Lightspeed Audio
The Scarifyers from Bafflegab Productions
Black Jack Justice from decoder ring theatre
The Red Panda adventures from decoder ring theatre
Blue sky from mad geek productions.
Supernatural from fools gold theatre
Fortuna from hgpsy audio
Genesis Avalon from pendant audio
Blackburn gaslight adventures from gypsy audio
2109 from broken sea
Tamlynn PI from gypsy audio
Suspense (BHP)
19 Nocturne Boulevard,
Planet of the Apes (Broken Seas)
Night Terrors (Darker Projects)
Lovecraft adaptations from Atlanta Radio
Frozen Frights (Icebox Radio)
Frequency of Fear
19 Noct Blvd
Texas Radio Theater
Broken Sea
Jim Nolan
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The Last Day: ORIGINS (Trailer)

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